Download (with source)

The current version of DSSP is available as a source package. You can download the sources from

It is possible to get all pre-calculated DSSP files on your in-house machine. We allow you to do this with the 'rsync' command (that is UNIX/Linux, I don't know the equivalent command in other operating systems, so don't mail me for that).

Getting the DSSP files local is a two-step process:

Starting your in-house DSSP database

To start your in-house database, make a directory and name it dssp, or DSSP, or myDSSP, or something else that is logical. In that directory type 'pwd' (without the quotes...). the pwd command returns the path which I will call path_to_dssp. Now type the command (obviously replacing path_to_dssp with the real path that you got from pwd):

rsync -avz rsync:// /path_to_dssp/
rsync -avz rsync:// /path_to_dssp/

Maintaining your in-house DSSP database

If, at a later stage, for example weekly, you want to make an update of your in-house DSSP database you issue the command:

rsync -avz --delete rsync:// /path_to_dssp/
rsync -avz --delete rsync:// /path_to_dssp/

This latter command you can, for example, have executed from a crontab job.

The FTP alternative

If your institute's firewall doesn't allow you to use the (preferred) rsync way of obtaining DSSP files, feel free to work with FTP. The files are in that case available from: or

You will need to get hacker-assistance to do updates with FTP without using too much bandwidth. So please don't download everything time-and-time again.


Please do these rsync (or FTP) jobs between midnight and 6.00 am Dutch time.

Obtaining the source code

DSSP is available (see under ′Distribution′) with source code and everything under the Boost license.

DSSP 2.* is distributed on a basis of trust. We trust that you will do good science with it, and we trust that you will properly cite Kabsch and Sander for the idea, and us for the work.

Obtaining the original (1982, but patched) DSSPold source code

If you really need to get access to the very old code, for example to settle some legal dispute, feel free to contact