HSSP stands for Homology-derived Secondary Structure of Proteins. It was designed by

Chris Sander


Reinhard Schneider

They wanted to use HSSP to aid with the prediction of the secondary structure of proteins. Hence the name: Homology derived Secondary Structure of Proteins.

In practice it was Burkhard Rost who, in his PHD software, used MSAs (multiple sequence alignments) as input to his neural networks for secondary structure prediction, and thereby gave HSSP an enormous popularity boost. If you read the older Rost and Sander articles on this topic, you should especially look at the acknowledgments to see who made this connection (Improved prediction of protein secondary structure by use of sequence profiles and neural networks B Rost, C Sander PNAS 1993, 90:7558-7562)

In 2000 the HSSP maintenance was taken over by:

Elmar Krieger

and in 2011 by

Maarten Hekkelman.

Maarten, nowadays, makes sure that the HSSP database is always up-to-date. In 2012 Maarten has rewritten the HSSP software (so we are now at HSSP 2.0). We believe the resulting HSSP files now deliver (even) better alignments than they already did in the days of HSSP 1.0.

In 2014 the HSSP maintenance was taken over by:

Coos Baakman