Inter-chain atomic bumps.


Check for (too) short interatomic distances (bumps) between chains.


From a study of WHAT IF's database of high quality structures it was determined that no pair of non-hydrogen-bonded atoms should have an inter-atomic distance more than 0.4 Ångstrom shorter than the sum of the two Van der Waals radii. For hydrogen bonded atoms this limit was found to be 0.55 Ångstrom.
In this server, all interatomic distances between non-bonded atoms are calculated, and verified against these rules. If two atoms do come closer, the amount by which the contact is too close is printed. It will be indicated whether the bump is between symmetry relatives (inter) or within the given asymmetric unit (intra). A bump will never be reported between two atoms for which the sum of their atomic occupancies is less than 1.0.
So far this is the same text as for the `interactomic bumps` server; this bmpcha server, though, only reports bumps between two atoms if they both reside in adifferent macromolecular chain (i.e. have a different PDB chain identifier.
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Roland Krause, Maarten L Hekkelman, Jens E Nielsen, Gert Vriend.

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