Mutate a residue


This server will mutate a residue in a protein.


The algoritm for the prediction of the conformation of the new side chain is described in:
The use of position specific rotamers in model building by homology.
G. Chinea, G. Padron, R.W.W.Hooft, C.Sander, G.Vriend
PROTEINS (1995) 23, 415-421.
Warning: There are some limitations to this server. It will try to replace the existing residue by the new residue type of your choice. However, if the program finds no satisfactory solution, it will just do something bad. The interactive version of WHAT IF issues a warning if this happens. This server version does the same, but unfortunately, you do not get to see that. So, please, carefully inspect the outcome of this mutation server.
Either Choose a pdb-file,
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The residue number
New residue type

If you have detected any error, or have any question or suggestion, please send an Email to Gert Vriend.
Roland Krause, Maarten L Hekkelman, Jens E Nielsen, Gert Vriend.

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