This is the index to the PDBREPORT database. Here you can find reports describing structural problems in PDB entries that have been determined using X-ray diffraction or NMR techniques. There are many more than twenty million diagnostics. This database is a collection of the output of the WHAT_CHECK program. If you are new to WHAT_CHECK, please have a look at the WHAT_CHECK documentation and explanation.


This was all made automatically. Our software undoubtedly contains bugs. We did not manually verify all diagnostics! If you observe an error in the error messages, or run into another problem, please notify us! Also, if you have comments or questions on checks and/or phrasing, contact us!

In total about 120 files are too big, do not consist mainly of proteins and/or nucleic acids, or have other characteristics that preclude the production of a check report. If you need one of these missing files, feel free to contact us, but first check the WHY_NOT server to see if we already wrote why this file cannot be validated properly.


If you use these reports, please cite:
Errors in protein structures. R.W.W. Hooft, G. Vriend, C. Sander, E.E. Abola, Nature (1996) 381, 272-272.