EU name: BUG001

(Date: Oct 25 11:07 BUG001 )

The PDBREPORT files are produced by WHAT_CHECK. WHAT_CHECK has been overhauled completely in summer 2019. We are now reproducing the entire PDBREPORT database. Today, 23-oct-2019, about 11.000 reports are ready, and we hope to finish PDBREPORT some time in November 2019. At that moment this page will be modified.

PDBREPORTS are produced by WHAT_CHECK for which you can find documentation and explanation



This was all made automatically. Our software undoubtedly contains bugs. We did not manually verify all diagnostics! If you observe an error in the error messages, or run into another problem, please notify us! Also, if you have comments or questions on checks and/or phrasing, contact us!

A few dozen reports failed to produce properly. A few hundred PDB entries cannot be properly parsed by WHAT IF (this is explained in the exclude.lists file) If you need one of these missing files, feel free to contact us, but first check the WHY_NOT server to see if we already wrote why this file cannot be validated properly.
Further, you can try the interactive validation server at swift.


If you use these reports, please cite:
Errors in protein structures. R.W.W. Hooft, G. Vriend, C. Sander, E.E. Abola, Nature (1996) 381, 272-272.