We have started making a large number of WHAT_CHECK explanation videos. It
will probably take a long, long time to finish this project, so this part of the
web-site will be incomplete. If there are things you want us to put higher on
the make-a-video priority list, feel free to mail us about it.

The protein verification tools from the WHAT IF program are available as a free stand-alone program, complete with all source code. Please look at the documentation that is available for the WHAT_CHECK output.


Commercial and non-commercial users are free to download WHAT_CHECK, and use it for all forms of research and education. However, there are some restrictions. As WHAT_CHECK now is totally ′open′ these are not hard conditions, but we would appreciate if people would stick to these rules anyway:

  1. You cannot redistribute without our explicit permission to do so.
  2. If you modify the program (or data-files, etc), you have to make that new code available to us.
  3. You make the proper acknowledgements, and/or refer to the proper articles.
  4. You cannot make WHAT_CHECK based servers or services.
  5. You can neither sell WHAT_CHECK stand-alone, nor as part of other software.
  6. So, WHAT_CHECK is for your research/education purposes only. Of course, industry can sell all products produced using WHAT_CHECK without restrictions, but nobody can start selling WHAT_CHECK reports, and nobody is allowed to make a WWW server that produces WHAT_CHECK results or modified WHAT_CHECK results.


WHAT_CHECK is based on a large number of scientific developments, both by us and by others. The work of others will be referenced in each WHAT_CHECK report.

We humbly ask you though, to cite our work properly and liberally. It is hard to continuously get grants to keep maintaining and further developing this software suite. High, citation numbers do help... The references are listed here.