We are interested in the study of proteins and all information related to proteins. We focus on the use of protein structures to answer biomedical questions. To do so, we work on the validation, improvement, and interpretation of protein structures. We also work on collecting 'other data' that can help us And we want to use those data and knowledge to answer biological questions.

Nothing is impossible for a man who doesn't have to do it himself.

The labour distribution in the group is rather clear. Other people do the work, and I talk about it... These other people are listed below. People who are still in the group are listed near the top of the foto series while people who moved on to greener pastures are listed further down this galery.

Maarten. The three main research lines of the group are chanceless without a solid basis of well-working software. Maarten is the master of our software design.

Hanka. Answering those biomedical questions that can be answered using structure information

Robbie. Getting optimal structure data to answer those questions. We do this either by homology modelling, or by improving existing structures in the PDB.

Jurgen. NMR structures aren't our modelling template of choice, but many structures will only ever be known by NMR... Jurgen is working on improving the NMR structures in the PDB.

Bas. Collection, validating, storing, and disseminating all other data that are related to the structures we work with.

Celia. Additionally, we want to teach everybody everything about protein structures. We therefore do a lot of teaching.

Often we have students in the group who work on a topic related to any on the points listed above. But we also allow students to work on a project of their own choice, as long as we feel we can properly supervize it.

I don't have pictures of all our former students, but those that I found are listed here:

Xioahong (second from the left) got her master in 2006. Here I just unroll the chinees painting she gave me as a fairwell present.

And here Xiaohong receives her CMBI diploma (she got that because her real diploma would take two months to produce and now she could show at least something back in China).

This picture was taken to make her husband jealous... :-)

Alice Foarce also got her master in 2006. I guess she will not be overly happy with this picture. You she her better three pictures above...

Sander Nabuurs did an internship with us, long time ago. He later got a PhD with us too, so you will also find him in the ex-staff section.

Lisa Heckenmüler is working with us now (2007-2008) as an intern.

Henk-Jan Joosten got his master in 2003. He went on to get his PhD in Wageningen under Peter schaap's supervision. And Dr Joosten started a company based on the 3SSP menu in WHAT IF (and a few other things).

Joost van Durme got his master in 2003. Being Belgian, he was (is) the first Dutch master in bioinformatics. He worked with Henk-Jan (above) and Simon (see page with ex-staff). Joost went on to get his PhD with Vasart in Brussels.

Sander Caerteling worked as itern on an MCSIS for ABC transporters.

Hanka first did an internship with us, and after a second internship got her master and now is a PhD student in the group. here you see her in her other life, as a gymnast.

Janine Eckstein worked on an MCSIS for lipid transfer proteins (a collaboration with Titi Mariani).

I am missing pictures of several people: Remko Lems, Koen Bossers, Erwin Datema, Wilco Fleuren, Paolo Guarnieri, Richard van Hameren, Marjolijn Roeters, Jonas Barth, Jeroen Eitjes, and a few more. I am not listing people who stayed for internships that are three months or shorter.