NewProt: A European protein engineering project
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In the period up to the start of NewProt, many people have helped us. At the risk of forgetting somebody, I will try listing them here.

Barbara van Kampen helped at all stages. She also learned how to operate the EU portal, and patiently chased down the partners for their administrative parameters and entered it all, coherently in the EU portal.

Claudia Soede and Marjon Bussemaker gave tips with respect to the bureaucratic sections of the proposal (i.e. especially the sections not listed on this portal, but that are important to let see that we can actually pull-off this whole project.

Danuta Cichocka, our Research Programme Officer, has been very helpful in making the second version of the proposal, i.e. the negociation phase copy, EU-friendly so that the contracts could be signed.

Pawel Suchon, also at the EU, help with financial calculations and regulations.

Jan-Metske van der Laan, Torsten Schwede, and Torben Borchert will form NewProt's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). We appreciate not only that they will (and have already) provided valuable input into shaping the project, but we also are sure that the fact that three such imminent scientists were interested in the project might have helped sway the referees to NewProt's favourable side.

  The NewProt project is is funded by the European Commission within its FP7 Programme, under the thematic area KBBE-2011-5 with contract number 289350.